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Welcome to the backstage magic!
I am a ballerina and artist, so I live at the junction of these two
worlds: the world of dance and the world of fine art, each of them
being uniquely fascinating and rich.
I strive to show my viewers how magical, but very diverse ballet can
be in reality.
Together with talented professionals, who I was lucky to meet on my
way, we are creating extraordinary projects combining dance,
painting, and music. In the language of art, we are talking to a
modern audience about eternal matters: the secrets of creativity, the
curse of talent, love, and hate. We present them to you, dear
spectators, in the hope of sharing with you new, exciting experiences.
Join us, and you will discover for yourself a source of

                                                   Sincerely Yours,

                                                          Olga Malinovskaya

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