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Alain Hanel – stage photographer

  It is always difficult to talk about an artist with whom you have developed a deep friendship, and the story of Olga Malinovskaya could take a long time, or just a second, to explain why and how her art and her life fascinated me.


  Olga is a sorceress, a messenger of great romanticism. She was created in one of the most complex schools in the world in the Moscow State Academy of Choreography. She went there as a child but came out as a woman and a ballerina in all her beauty and graces. Her character was formed within the walls of this Russian ballet temple.


  She has an iron hand in a velvet glove - that's what attracted me when I met her.


   She has a kind look, which, nevertheless, pierces - the look of the conquerors,  who lead the way and lead you to the end of your adventure.

   We started working on a joint exhibition - the same moment on the stage, captured by the photographer’s camera and the artist’s brush.


    And as time went on ...


    I am one of those who photographed so many miracles that very few things can challenge me because for my eyes the beautiful replaces only beautiful. One day I saw my photos again executed by the artist, they received the soul of the dance and the power that only Olga, the  Sylphide in the past, could transmit on her new canvases.


    I like this artist, who always surprises me. When she moves, dances or writes, that beauty, that Slavic legend follows her and helps her create those pictures that she imagines.


    What else to say?


     This is Olga Malinovskaya...

 Sergey Danilian  CEO Ardani Artists Management

    Olga and I met in Tallinn. For several months she had been seeking a chance meeting with me to discuss possible cooperation.

    The first impression is beautiful, with huge eyes, petite, and very temperamental, I immediately felt in her a lot of passion and sensuality, which very much hoped she can show also on stage.

It so happened that it was at this time that I gathered a team of young talented ballerinas, graduates of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography to participate in the project “Reflections”, which we prepared together with the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia. In the summer of 2010, we got together in sunny California, in the Performing Center of Orange County, which for the premiere of our project in February 2011 was renamed to Segerstrom Center.


    From the first rehearsals with the choreographers involved in work on this project, it was clear that I was not mistaken. Her passion for the profession, knowledge, and openness in working with colleagues helped her harmoniously fit into the project and become one of its bright stars.


   Her return to Moscow, where her creative path began was triumphant, but who would have thought then that her talent was so multifaceted, and very soon we will find out that she is a wonderful visualizer, and thanks to her talent as a ballerina, she will be able to transfer to the canvas and paper her understanding and her feelings about the profession.

     Since then, her life has changed, today she is dancing less than 10 years ago, but she remains committed to art, but also became a wonderful mother to her son, and devoted and loving wife to her husband, whom today is dancing for two.

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Kristina Vanuny – photographer
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    We met Olga a few years ago during a photoshoot, since that time we are good friends and we often work together. She is an amazing person who is able to engage in serious thoughtful creativity with playful ease. I admire her ability to set ambitious and difficult goals, and not be upset when failures happen. I love her talent, and her joie de vivre. She is one of those people who embody the beauty of this world.

Sasha Pushkin – composer, pianist, artist, poet
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Dedicated to Olga Malinovskaya.

   Sometimes you meet people in life who give you a lot of inspiration. It's the case with Olga. With her grace and plastic, and at the same time sensitive and powerful dance art, she inspires me to dedicate to her my compositions. When composing in Berlin I was imagining her dancing to this future music somewhere on a big stage somewhere in the world.  And then it really happened on the stage of the National Estonian Opera with great success. (Click here>> to watch the video based on this music). 

   And I am happy to see how the inspiration she gave me to compose for her comes back to me after seeing her dancing to this music.  

Later I saw her art and she inspired me again with her paintings. It's a quite special thing when someone who knows the real dancer's life makes art about dance. 

    I had an idea to play an "Art Exprovisation" concert, with my music based on visual impressions. Olga and I have created a special event in Nice (France). It was her exhibition opening with the piano concert, where I performed my music after intensively looking at Olga's pictures, feeling them, translating colors, forms, and lines in emotions, harmonies, rhythms, and notes.  

  Sometimes we are talking about different creative concepts and exchanging ideas, we share some aesthetic views and sometimes just laughing and enjoying life.  

   And I can't avoid the wish to put here my poem written in Russian dedicated to Olga. 

    Actually, It can for sure be lyrics for a song.  The melody is already in my head and fingers are ready to play. As you see in this case the inspiration has no end. Isn't it a great sign? 

Нарисуй мне себя любя.


Нарисуй мне себя...
На пуантах, летящую в высь 
Отразись в зеркалах...
Где годами плие, экзерсис 
Закружись, воспари...
Окрыляя мечты красоты
Или просто замри...
Как скульптурно умеешь лишь ты

Сквозь слепящий софит...
Через краски и кисти мазок
Твоя тень пролетит...
Уловить бы хотя бы разок
И поймаешь себя...
Как безудержно мысли не те
Жить танцуя, любя
Так творить как парить в высоте...


 © Sasha Pushkin   14-08-2019

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